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Listed Building Surveys

Listed Building Surveys {location} it can be a daunting prospect buying a listed building considering when you buy it you are responsible for any aternations that have taken place and can be forced to return them to the original listed condition.

Our Listed Building Surveys in {Location} can find these illegal unauthorised alternations, the decaying timber framing, the unsympathetic damaging centementous repairs these are all things our experienced listed building surveyors will look for. We use our own customised Level 3 survey for listed building surveys they cover all the usual property requirements but in addition to this the custom report format allows us to include diagrams and photos in a pretty much unlimited format which considering a typical listed building survey could contain 500 photos as many as 20% of these could end up within the report.

Our custom level 3 heritage building surveys contain some of the features users have come to love including 1-3 condition rating and we have retained the traditional Red, Amber, Green rating to allow you to quickly see items of concern. Our reports are written in plain english and when technical terms are used we will offer a translation or plain english explanation

It is important when inspecting a listed or historic building that the historic building surveyor {location} are experienced and qualified building surveyors as these buildings are very different to modern buildings made with different materials and how these different materials work together all form part of the buildings personality and its important that your surveyors understands this, has read the guidance documents know the planning documents, have read books and guidance issued by SPAB, Historic England.

Please check our feedback, if you have questions please do let us know and if you wish to book a listed building survey please get in touch with us.